We bring business and functional programming expertise together

We make the rapid development of correct, safe and modern software systems possible by using pure functional programming approaches, tools such as Haskell, Rust, and Nix.


What we do

1 We design systems

You bring the problem or the product idea, and we’ll bring the rest. Our team are experts in architecting software spanning from systems engineering to business application design.

2 We develop systems

We make it easier for you by providing the team of experts to prototype and develop a solution that's easy to refactor and flex for your future needs by combining functional programming with a solid experience.

3 We operate & improve systems

We provide an operational team, testing and DevOps solutions if needed, iterate the development and do analysis on the product to push it as far as you business requires.

We build systems that


Stand on solid ground and built by experts in relevant areas of computer science to form a team you’ll be proud to delegate your software to


You can trust your business by verifying it’s correct and building it in a way to get as much automatic analysis as possible before you run the program itself


Allow us to evolve your software with your business. Let us build software we can refactor and adapt fearlessly and swiftly by leveraging the pure functional programming at its fullest potential


Don’t wait for innovations to become mass adopted, become an innovator

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