Senior software developer

Typeable is a developer of high-assurance software that drives the business of our clients. Established in 2014, Typeable is working with international clients (USA, Europe) from various industries such as banking, life sciences, and tourism.

Join us as a Senior Software Developer to be a contributor in a technology innovation movement and be on the frontier where Business goals meet Functional Programming.

We are looking for professionals who could fit into the team. Ready to grow with the company and contribute to the business success.

Key requirements:

  • Good understanding of the whole development process steps and principles
  • Good grasp of software architecture concepts
  • Solid knowledge of Haskell, its ecosystem, and FP in general
  • Comfortable use of databases and development tools, such as version control systems
  • Passion for writing robust and correct software
  • Ability to take responsibility for the decisions and actions
  • Balance between autonomy and teamwork when making working decisions
  • Comfortable with written and spoken English
  • Ability to work within UTC+0 to UTC+6 timezone range

Additional requirements:

  • Passion to share the knowledge within a company or community
  • Experience with Haskell codebases from 10KLOC and bigger
  • Experience with high-assurance and critical software
  • Experience leading a team of developers
  • Rust and/or C knowledge
  • Open Source Projects to demonstrate your skills

We offer:

  • Work with an amazing technical team on various challenging projects
  • Modern remote-first workplace (Moscow office near Novoslobodskaya/Mendeleyevskaya subway station or remote)
  • Full-time employment
  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible working hours
  • Official working status for Russian federation citizens or contract for candidates from Eastern Europe


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